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NguyenHungFan -> Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/2/2005 1:11:09 PM)

Forenote: Stage designs, lighting and all the customes go together perfectly, and needless to say, sound is always the charm of this recording. The production team did a job much better than american/western video production/filming, i must add.

Not that people do not know Nguyen Hung is a great singer/dancer/choreographer. But I have to add he looks better (yes he looks really fit usually already), but more more fit here, looks outstandingly good. Thuy Van, I think she is also a dance instructor, has what a great body, my god. HLT also did well, and Ky Duyen ... she is one of the best MC, so there it is.

1. Malagnena - Pasodoble is a very powerful dance. This piece is truly powerful. Hung and Van is great. Hung did such a powerful job. The color and their custome are really kicking it. What a great opening with powerful emotion. the dancers were just ok

2. Ngu Di Em - Rumba. I love this song, translated by Le Huu Ha, and he was a great song writer, my favorite by the way. A beautiful song, sensual dance steps, matched by light and sound. just Hung and Van, no background dancers. Just perfectly lustful. Van with little pieces of skin colored fabric hanging onto her flawless skin. And anh Hung with light blue long sleeve and black dress pants (ballroom dancing clothing). You can see all the curves of their bodies. The dance (rumba) itself ringing smoothly and these two people pressed tightly their bodies together step by step, measured with extreme flexibility. Elegance yet sensual, the moves are very sensual but never vugal. It is perfection in the name of romance. And just like that, suddenly one is bound to be seduced by this piece. So the seduction carries on through out the DVD, sometimes vivid and climatic, other time just hidden somewhere deep down inside (if there is such a thing)

3. Ai Se La Em - Chachacha, Hung and dancers. This is the hottest piece in the DVD. Anh Hung totally seduced the audiences w/ this dance. My god it is hot hot hot, great dances, perfect custome's colors to go with hot love. Fun loving, very sexy and inviting. Let me repeat that, very inviting. Very good song as well. Hung dances extremely well here, I didn't even think some of the moves were possible. I think this is the main theme song, I should save some comments and let you see it for yourself.

4. Khi Man Dem Xuong - Bebop. Hung, Van, dancers. The clothing/customes are so cute, so simple and cute. White and brown, the dance is very youthful and fun too. Very good. From the intensity of the first song, sensuality, sexy and calling of love. Now this song is much needed to release all those emotions a little bit.

5. Buon Oi Chao Mi - Boston (slow Waltz). I really do not like slow Waltz/Boston, I don't even like Waltz to begin with. It's Hung and Van. Good thing there's a big screen in the background and you can see Hung singing the song, so I watch that screen on my TV screen, more than the dance piece itself. I guess they have to target many different type of audience so there surely be certain dance i don't like. and this is one of them. It is very beautiful slow and elegance dance however.

6. Giet Tinh Gian Doi - Waltz. Hung, Van, dancers. Not bad actually. Eupean slow elegant serious. It's kind of like cinderella. I am not really digging it. That whole ballroom/tie and all. I don't care for the customes. It's like people dance in the castle you know. And I am just a commoner, not my thing.

7. Tinh Ngia Doi Ta Chi The Thoi - Tango (Argentine). Hung and Van. I absolutely love it. Different than Tango, this piece is very skillful with hooking in their legs and twisting feet. So so so cool man. I love what they wear here too. so sexy and elegant. Van is needless to say (see comments for #2). The couple is in brown. Hung with double breasted brown suit,blue tie, hair sleek back, so so elegance and hot, serious and intense dance. Very enjoyable and perfect.

8. Mot Khuc Ca Xua - Samba. Hung and HLT and dancers. the song is very good and the couple looks like they have such great fun. I love the song and music but hate very much hate the male's clothe/customes (female ok, sexy for sure). Oh god, dear thuy nga, why do you make the men wear much horrific thing. my god. I can't stand it.

9. Lien Khuc 0 1&2 - Chachacha. Hung and Van. wow can I just repeat the word sexy a lot ? in blue, Van's custome is not bad, but she had better in previous song. Yet Hung is in sheer top, and tight black dress pants, HAH. I love this piece. It is fun and lovely. When she kick him a couple of times, it was great. First he goes after her and she hated him, then she wanted him and he was like....NO. hahahahahah. So hot and sexy. and the music only added more color to this theme. Great! Both Van and Hung sing, she is not a bad singer, cool.

10. La Bamba/Song Tinh - Twist. Hung and dancers. Wow, what a fun fun fun fun song. If you guys listened to LaBama before, you know it's great, heck there were even a movie about this song. Here is what perfect arrangement of songs are for. This is just absolute fun song with no other meaning other than enjoyable fun songs. once again to ease us out of the intense love/emotion type of songs.

11. Tequila/Men Say Am Nhac - salsa (my fav dance) - Hung and dancers. What speedless have I become? To this point, I can only say, great dancing, hot and sexy people. Awesome song and dance. Hung and the dancers look so so good and happy. A must must see. I don't want to comment or give any more compliment at this point. gosh i am tired by the excitement of this piece.

12. Bang Bang - Khi Xua Ta Be. Hung and Ky Duyen, and actors. It is MTV. They look even beter than onstage, hah. The story depicts Hung as a criminal and Duyen as an FBI agent. Begin with Duyen came into a bar and saw Hung with his group of people (but really she just came in there to trick and arrest him). (They were childhood friends and first love. Things changed much then and he left her long ago and now with his men and women...etc...) He came asked her for a dance. And near the end of the dance where he and his men were distracted. Came the FBI arrested them. Hung and Duyen pointed guns at each other. She wanted him to let go, of course he can't shoot her so he turns around and attempt to shoot the FBI captain, but she shot him in the back. Ouch.

1. yes, behind the scence, you can tell all the audious crazy work that put into this DVD. I so much appreciate all the hard work, you can see Hung was just exhausted all the time too.
2. Interview Hung by Duyen. Now i am not going to tell about the interview except that it is so awesome. Kind of emotional too actually. I'll keep the up close and personal to the viewer as individual when they see it.
3. Song -buon oi chao mi. Sad song, in black, next to the piano.

ok, I am also exhausted. Peace out people

NguyenHungFan -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/2/2005 1:58:17 PM)

sorry, for #7, they were in black, brown is just my colorblind talking

arthurtran -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/2/2005 3:25:03 PM)

Thanks for your review!

holethulover -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/2/2005 4:47:51 PM)

could u take caps please?!

phinhung_best -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/3/2005 4:33:04 PM)

oh, thanks

holethulover -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/3/2005 6:05:04 PM)

i got the DVD its sooo good

phinhung_best -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/4/2005 6:07:36 AM)

YES, i think

holethulover -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/4/2005 7:31:03 AM)

u think?

ltq -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/4/2005 8:46:42 AM)

thanks for your review.....I may buy this DVD... Nguyen Hung for sure can dance and sing.....For sure, Nguyen Hung 's fans will post up some caps?? right???[;)]

phinhung_best -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/4/2005 4:35:50 PM)

When DVD NH come out to VN?

MaryNguyen -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/27/2005 10:58:27 AM)

NguyenHungFan, after reading your review, I want to buy it now.
I've seen Thuy Van, she's the pro so no doubt about that.
I've seen Ky Duyen too, she's not the best but very entertaining.
I'm just curious about Ho Le Thu dance steps.
Anyone can tell me about it?

qng -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/27/2005 2:24:06 PM)

HLT can dance. She is good. She has a long body that helps make her dance moves look good. Just my opinion. Ky Duyen looks really nice. NH must spend a lot of time working/practicing for this DVD, I think.

ChanDungNguoiTinh -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/27/2005 5:21:52 PM)

Originally posted by qng

HLT can dance. She is good. She has a long body that helps make her dance moves look good. Just my opinion. Ky Duyen looks really nice. NH must spend a lot of time working/practicing for this DVD, I think.

I totally agree. HLT looks great. She knows how to make her move perfect. I like her dance like the one when she was first in PBN 73.

Thuy Van is great. She has a perfect body.

I think this DVD was filmed in Toronto. The stage looks so familiar.

NhuLoanFan4Eva -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/27/2005 7:43:13 PM)

I think it was taped in Toronto, during the time when TN taped PBN 76 (which was in Toronto) and also in Long Beach, during the time when TN taped PBN 77 (which was in Long Beach) because when I looked at the captures, it looked like the same stages from both those cities

viktornl -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/28/2005 12:44:14 AM)

HLT & NH's song was filmed in Long Beach as you can tell from the Behind the Scenes pictures from her website... and most of the other songs were filmed in Toronto.

holethulover -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/28/2005 8:35:50 AM)

OMG Thuy Van is soo cute!!! HLT was also and Ky Duyen in her song!!

silverhalo0605 -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/29/2005 3:39:29 AM)

very good

hotasian_08 -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/29/2005 5:45:32 AM)

This DVD is the best solo DVD yet so far ever since Minh Tuyet's Mo Nhung Ngay Nang Len. This DVD came out quicker the a TNCD lol. Ho Le Thu does a great job for her first time dancing with Nguyen Hung, Thuy Van very hot hope to see her dancing agian in the near feauture on DVD, Ky Duyen always sexy as usual lol best version of Khi Xua Ta Be i hav seen so far since My Tam's rock version.

TUHUNGTRUC -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/31/2005 7:24:36 AM)

if you guyz wanna see capture ..plz go to NH forum ...we have some capture there

always welcome to my forum ..
with love,

holethulover -> RE: Nguyen Hung - Da Vu Quoc Te Review (7/31/2005 10:02:49 AM)

i think now HLT and Nguyen Hung makes a great song ca couple anyone agree?

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